VJR Jewels


My contribution to improve the globe is to use discarded ‘beauties’ and give them a second life in my designs.

VJR Jewels is also a tribute to craftsmanship from the past.


The VJR collection is for sale in the VJR & MORE studio, @Rosa Maseda, Het klederdrachtmuseum and on EtsyInstagram.


Watch here; A small movie about vjr jewels, produced by Sven Peetoom, Cinemannen

VJR Jewelry from Cinemannen on Vimeo.


VJR Scarfs Limited Edition

VJR Scarfs Limited Edition

The handpicked collectables are printed on high-quality, fine cotton and handstiched scarves. Every scarf can be customized with charms, which make them also unique. lees verder »