VJR JEWELS T SHIRT for men and women in shop now!

Homage to Karl Lagerfeld, made by VJR Jewels&More

This unique handmade tie accessory, made out of antique silver militaria and reused leather pieces, is now available for everyone! Whether you’re a jewelry wearer or not, this design is the perfect fit and casual chic! And it’s also comfi! Yep, it’s a print! I’ve printed one of my favorite designs on a t-shirt to give it this distinguished look. But that’s not all.. I love creating unique items, so to keep this t-shirt unique, there’s the possibility to personalize it with a real charm! {see the last photo in this video to see an example} For men and women. Now available at my shop in Baambrugge. Would you also customize it or go with it as it is?